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Ben Perez

Social Media Intern

Ben Perez has a keen interest in storytelling through visual media and uses videography and photography to share his life experiences as a college student at Columbia University. Having been born in El Salvador and moving to the United States at the age of seven, he uses social media platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram to connect with other like-minded people who not only aspire to succeed academically but also in business.

As he traversed through high school, he found a passion for cameras which led him into the world of photography and videography as he video-logged his high school journey as a boarding school student in Massachusetts. In addition to his love for visual expression, Ben gained interest in small businesses throughout his teenage years as he was surrounded by them back home in East Boston and was shaped as an individual by their contributions in the community.

One day, as he walked along the Boston waterfront he wondered how he could work with small businesses while incorporating his creative outlet. The answer was right underneath his nose, literally. He had seen people such as Keith Lee, Vic Blends, and Bradley Martin not only grow their own businesses through social media but also help other small businesses appeal to a greater audience by making content highlighting their products and missions. Through this realization, Ben was inspired to not only continue growing his own brand but to also help others in his community grow theirs.

Thus far, Ben has worked with businesses ranging from the educational industry to the beauty industry and is eager to expand his experience in social media marketing.

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