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Working with Trending Socials

We recently started working with a new client, and within a few short weeks we started to see the results of our content strategy starting to bloom.

Here is a video testimonial from the ladies of Across Ages, and what they have to say about working with Trending Socials.

"You know the trends about what's being done. You are on TikTok. You are on Instagram, you keep up with what's going on, and you make it happen for us. And we know that when we post it, it's done. And it's going to be a success. So that's the the biggest value for me. I don't have to worry about it." -Inês Wilson.

"Working with Trending Socials has really helped us in our partnerships with brands. And one of the ways that it has is the really interesting content we've been able to produce together.

So Luis is always on top of what is trending. The content that Luis has worked with us to produce is really fun, interesting, fresh, and new. And that's something that we can then offer to the brands that we're partnering with. In particular, in this case, Eva Varo, as creative content for her to be able to reshare it to her followers." - Amanda Martin


At Trending Socials, we are problem solvers. No matter what your objectives are, we work hard to bring them to life with our high impact content creation solutions. Whether you are looking for paid ads, organic social content, or an influencer strategy- we will craft a solution that best suits your needs.

Amanda continues:

"The problem that Trending Socials is solving for us is really expanding our reach and so Luis, the head of Trending Socials is really up to date on the best ways to expand our reach. And one example of that is with Instagram. We had been doing a lot of photo posts, but we hadn't done anything with Reels. And so Luis really started working with us to create more Reels, and that had a huge impact in expanding our reach, which was really positive for the current brand collaboration that we're working on."

"We never could have expanded our reach in this way on our own. We just don't have the know how and social media savvy at this point to do that. And so working with Trending Socials has been incredible to see the growth and reach that we've established together."

"My name is Amanda Martin and I am one half of Across Ages with Inês, and I am the millennial half, and Inês is the boomer half."

"The boomer half," says Inês.

"We started Across Ages in response to the different reactions we were seeing to our

intergenerational friendship. Sometimes people would be curious about it. A lot of times people would admire it, but sometimes people would seem confused or even skeptical. And so we wanted to be able to share the benefits of intergenerational

friendship by sharing more about our friendship, which is why we started Across Ages.'

And Inês and I have spoken at events across the country, we've written articles, and then we have Across Ages on Instagram to share some of our day to day

experiences together."


When I was taking a look at the insights for these clients, I was not surprised, but I was super impressed with the numbers that we achieved just within four weeks of working together.

We went ahead and looked at those numbers together.

In our first month, the first Reel posted October 11th, and within a month, we had several videos posted. We saw 635%+ increase in content interactions, meaning likes and shares and saves and comments. Metrics that really show the type of engagement that is being captured with people that are seeing your videos.

We discovered the type of content that was performing better, and doubled down on it. So in our next batch of content, we incorporated more of that.

Impressions, this is really what, what blew blew me away.

Almost 20,000 views on their content in the first month. And that's, compared to the month before when you were just doing photos. That's 1,655%+ increase in the number of views. And that's what we want.

I'm excited to see what the next month's growth is gonna be.

Profile visits. We got 300%+ increase in visits to their profile.

That means 247 people were curious to learn more and went from your post to your page to read your bio to click on your link.

In that month, we've reached over 14,000+ unique accounts and engaged over 400 people.

"I would absolutely recommend Trending Socials to anyone looking to grow their social media presence and Across Ages, will be continuing to work with Trending Socials as well." - Amanda Martin

"As far as working with Trending Socials, absolutely! Absolutely. I love Trending Socials. I love Luis. It's very easy to work with him, and we actually have a good time when we are together, the three of us. I fully recommend." - Inês Wilson

If you're ready to work with Trending Socials, book a Discovery Call today and let's discuss your project!


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