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How to Optimize Your Bio

When I find myself stumbling into a new profile that captures my attention… their bio usually serves as my initial synopsis of the user. Bios are like non-verbal greetings that either invite me to join or click away.

It's essentially the first impression! It is the make-it-or-break-it in the world of converting Instagram visitors, like myself, to followers. This is why optimizing your Instagram Bio is so important!

Here are some bullet-proof tips that assure you never miss the opportunity of a user becoming a follower!

Optimize Your Bio

Tip 1: Use your Instagram bio to attract your ideal audience

- Synthesize what you do in a few sentences or bullet-points for visitors to understand what your business is all about (i.e how you help/inspire the community, make your brand stand out, and add a bit of personality).

Tip 2: Use the “Name Field” to share your top targeted keywords

- The Name Field is valuable and (barely used) - it can be customized to reach more people.

- Using targeted keywords in this field is a great way to be discovered by potential new followers (e.g Social Media Strategist)

- When making the decision on how to brand yourself on Instagram, it's significant to consider how you can capture the visitors' attention with valuable information in just a few seconds.

Tip 3: Drive traffic & make sales using the link feature.

- You only get one link in your Instagram bio that can lead to an external website, so it's important to be strategic about how you can use it.

- Ensure it goes to the proper landing page, e-commerce shop, booking site, etc.

- Consider using a feature such as Link Tree or Canva’s latest “link in bio” feature.

Tip 4: Add a Call-to-Action for the link in your bio

- As we mentioned, you can only have one link on your profile, it's a good idea to use the last line of copy on how to use that link. This is where a strong Call-to-Action (CTA) becomes gold.

- These CTA’s can vary from the services you provide, a resource you would like to share, or your direct navigation to your own website.

Tip 5: Add your Contact details to your Instagram Bio

- The versatility of Instagram bio’s provided allows for this space to be your business card, portfolio, and website homepage all in one. This makes your Instagram profile a one-stop-shop for visitors, therefore, make it easy for them to contact you or find your location.

Tip 6: Use Instagram Story Highlights in your Instagram Bio Strategically

- These Instagram story highlights appear directly under your Instagram bio and can be navigated to at any time.

- It's almost like a time capsule! You're able to refer back to archived story posts!

Woah, it’s that easy? I hope that after reading these six tips, you feel more confident that you are optimizing your Instagram bio.

I challenge you to implement these tips on your own profile. Browse other social media accounts to find the different ways people are putting their own spin of creativity and personality into their bios!



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