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Best Gimbal for Mobile Video

If you're looking to create cinematic videos with your cell phone and transform your mobile video content- look no further. The Evo Gimbal universe has upped my video game tremendously! I use it for clients of my social media agency, Trending Socials, and I've made some dope content for People's Barber and Invision Optometry, as well as for personal use.

I was shopping around for some time, comparing deals on Amazon for comparable items, but I was pretty much fixated on the Evo brand of products. They just seemed to pay a lot of attention to the details, and after finally ordering one, I see I made the right decision.

Best Gimbal for Mobile Video

Here are my top 5 reasons for using the Evo Gimbal.

  1. It's lightweight and compact. Unlike traditional gimbals for digital video cameras or DSLR's, I can pack the Evo gimbal right in my backpack (or use the provided carrying case. It's shaped like a bicycle seat).

  2. Three Unique Modes. You can film in selfie mode (self explanatory), pan mode- where the camera moves around with your hand movements, or fixed mode- the camera holds its position and does not budge. Each provides great stability for those awesome cinematic shots!

  3. The Evo App. They developed an app that lets you take advantage of all the amazing features. You can sync your mobile device via bluetooth and control your phone and gimbal as one. Through the app you can also enable object tracking to seamlessly record moving subjects.

  4. Save files on the Evo Cloud. You can save your camera's precious memory space by saving to the Evo Cloud on the app instead of on your phone's limited memory. You can always transfer the files to your phone to edit/publish.

  5. Create cinematic shots. I create a lot of videos using my Evo Gimbal, and the smooth shots that it captures make it seem like I am using expensive, state-of-the-art equipment. It is a bit of an investment- but well worth it.

The battery life is pretty good on it as well. I always charge overnight before using, and it gives me a full 5-6 hours of use, especially for those longer shoots.

If you are just starting your search, or are already committed to a smartphone gimbal, I highly recommend Evo. Browse their various gimbals and other equipment here.

TIPS: Most newer phones have the capacity to capture 4K film. You have to update this in your settings. On iPhone, go to Settings-> Camera -> Record Video. You should have a few options, the best is 4K at 60 fps, but for social media you can easily get away with 1080p HD at 60 fps.


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