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Holiday Social Media Campaign Strategy Checklist

Social Media Campaign Strategy Checklist

All done wrapping up your holiday social media campaign strategy?🎁 Christmas is less than 50 days away—crazy, right?—and stores are already rolling out shopping deals! To help make sure you’re covering all of your bases on social, we’re sharing a checklist to get your brand ready for the holiday season.


☃️Change profile and cover images:

People are more active on social media during the holidays. Everyone is browsing and shopping for the best deals in hopes to find the perfect gift. With the influx of content this time of year, standing out from the crowd is a tough thing to achieve. Setting a temporary profile and cover photo with a seasonal-theme is a great way for followers to notice your brand and also see that you’re involved in the holiday spirit too! This incentivizes visitors to check out your page for more content, deals, and offers.

🎄Holiday-themed visuals:

Think reds, greens, and golds! Update your color scheme for your social media visuals. It’s really important to your audience that they see you are staying relevant. Bonus tip: Social platform algorithms favor video content, so be sure to utilize different types of content such as videos, and gifs. Oh, and remember to spread some holiday cheer while you’re at it.

✨Promotional posts (last-minute gift ideas):

’Tis the season for promotions! This is a very competitive time of the year for online sales because everyone is offering that little extra something special. Share a last-minute gift idea for your followers who are scrambling to meet the Christmas Day deadline. Don’t be afraid to use social media to promote your deals in creative ways. Attract attention with a 12-days of Christmas or Advent calendar campaign. Pro tip: Fill out a content calendar and plan ahead by scheduling each fun and festive countdown visual so you aren’t overwhelmed and struggling to create content last minute.

🎅🏻Freebies and giveaways:

Think like Santa and giveaway! Who doesn’t love to win a freebie? And what better time than during the “giving season”? Boost your audience engagement and increase your online exposure by running a giveaway. Free downloads are another great tactic to use. Set aside some time to design a downloadable 2020 calendar or a printable bookmark to give away as a freebie to your followers. We promise they will love it and you will love the positive online sentiment from your fans.

💝Support a good cause:

Shine a spotlight on the charity your company supports or partners with. Your social channels can be used to promote and take donations by setting up a charity drive event or leading visitors to a donate button on your website. However way you decide to spread the message, this is a powerful tool to let your social followers know exactly what matters to your brand during this time of the year.


That’s a wrap! Now get out there and activate your holiday campaign. Think your social marketing campaign could use some help on these strategies? Send us an email today to get started on an action plan.


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